Why is the file getting corrupted during the download process?

It's common for larger downloads to become corrupt due to factors like internet bandwidth, network problems, or even problems with software or hardware on your computer. Many times you can correct this issue by simply re-trying the download and making sure that your internet connection stays up the entire time. Many of our downloadable products can be 100MB or more, so the download may take several minutes to complete (depending on the speed of your internet connection). Additionally, the web browser you are using may affect your download.

If you are using Internet Explorer:

The quickest and easiest solution is to use a different internet browser. Open an internet browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari and download the file again.

The more time-consuming and difficult solution is to modify your Internet Explorer settings.

Disable Internet Explorer Compression
Step 1: Close Internet Explorer
Step 2: Click Start and open the Control Panel
Step 3: Change the Control Panel view if it is in the Category view
Step 4: Open Internet Options
Step 5: Click the Advanced tab
Step 6: Scroll down to and uncheck the box next to Use HTTP 1.1
Step 7: Click OK

Delete Temporary Internet Files
Step 1: Open the General tab in Internet Options
Step 2: Click Delete in the Browsing history section
Step 3: Check Temporary Internet Files
Step 4: Click Delete
Step 5: Click OK
Step 6: Open Internet Explorer
Step 7: Now try downloading the zip file again.

If you are using Firefox, Safari, or Chrome:

One of the common causes for problems with downloads is software installed on your computer. Many PCs come with pre-installed software, such as WinZip or WinRar, that may affect your ability to download zip files. If you have one of these packages (or any other browser plugins) installed on your computer, you may try removing or disabling that software and re-trying your download. If you are using Firefox there are some helpful hints here.


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