How do I use your DVDs in my small group?

DVDs are available in one of three formats; each can be used differently depending on the group setting.
Companion DVDs: These DVDs have a companion paperback study guide or book, which can be found in the "Study Guides" section of our store.

Study DVDs: These DVDs contain both the full-length messages and trimmed (15- to 20-minute) video segments. The trimmed messages can be accessed from the DVD Main Menu page once the disc has been placed in a DVD player or computer. A digital Leader Guide is also available in the Additional Resources folder on the disc. 

Series DVDs: These DVDs include an Additional Resources folder which contains a Leader's Guide PDF and downloadable discussion questions. 

Reference the product description for any DVD if you have questions about the format of a specific message series.
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    Jean Wright

    It would be great to have this material in Brazilian Portuguese.

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