Where is my order? It should have been delivered by now.


The most common answer to this question is that you ordered a downloadable product and may not have realized it. If so, the good news is that you already have immediate access to it—no more waiting!

If your product was downloadable, you should have received an email alert that your downloads were ready. This email should have arrived within an hour of placing your order. If you cannot locate this email, reach out to us at and we will resend it.

If your order was not downloadable, you should have received a shipping confirmation email when your package left our warehouse. Click the link(s) in this email to see the latest delivery information for your package.

Additionally, you can find tracking numbers for all orders by logging into your account and clicking on an order number. While your package is in transit, a tracking number will appear next to the date on which your order was shipped. (Note that tracking numbers can sometimes take up to 24 hours to reflect accurate information from the shipping company.)

Once your package leaves our warehouse, we don't have any additional information about its location beyond what the tracking number shows. If your tracking number is not working correctly or you need to let us know about another delivery issue, email us at 

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