My DVD skips, lags, or looks funny. Anything I can do?

We are so sorry for any picture quality issues you encounter while watching our DVDs. Unfortunately, pixelation, blurriness, and out of sync audio and video can be common issues.

Most often, this occurs when our DVDs are played on high definition televisions. Video on our DVD discs is compressed to standard definition in order to fit on the disc. But this can mean that picture quality issues appear when the discs are then played on a high definition screen.

The picture quality problems will be less noticeable if the disc is played on a standard definition television or computer, but at the moment, we do not have an alternative fix. We're working hard to find one. If the issues on your specific disc disrupt your viewing experience, please reach out and let us know by emailing

You can also use Anthology (a free app with many of our study videos) to stream messages on your phone or television. Search for "Anthology studies" on the App Store, Google Play, AppleTV, or ROKU. Streamed videos should not experience any picture issues if you have a reliable Internet connection. 

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