How to Download and Open a ZIP File On Your iPhone or iPad

How to open zip files downloaded from the internet

  1. In Safari, click on the link with the file you want to download.

  2. A prompt will pop up asking, “Do you want to download “”? Press Download. Note: If you’re using the Chrome app, press the link and then press “Open in…” at the bottom of the page when the file is finished downloading. In the menu that pops up, press Save to Files. (It’s probably best to put it in the Downloads folder of iCloud Drive, especially for these instructions.)

  3. If you’re on Safari, press the Downloads button in the upper right. You’ll be taken to the Downloads section of the Files app. Alternatively, you can navigate to the Downloads folder directly by opening the Files app and pressing Downloads from the main menu. You’ll also have to take this route if you’re on Chrome.

  4. You should see your zip file in the Downloads folder. If you’re having trouble finding it, sort your downloads by date by swiping down on the interface and pressing Date from the “Sorted by” menu.

  5. Tap on the zip file.

  6. The file will immediately unpack. If you sorted your downloads by date, the unpacked files should show up in a new folder right next to the zip file. If there’s only one file, it’ll usually show up listed according to the date the file was created.

  7. Tap on the new folder, and then you’ll see all the contents of the original compressed file.

how to open a zip file on iphone

It also works like this on the iPad. 

via MacWorld

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